iPhone 6: The Plusses & Nots…

Friday afternoon I went to the Apple Store in Mapleview Mall (Burlington) to pick up a new phone.  I was served by the lovely Miss Stefanie, who was really great (see article).  I was on the fence about the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6 Plus, so Stefanie suggested I do what she called ‘The... Continue Reading →

The Apple Store… Overpriced, but not just a pretty face!

Okay, I finally needed a new phone because the old one died.  As you probably know my girlfriend's name is Stephanie.  Well the lovely and patient girl at the Apple Store was also named Stefanie (Different spelling, same pronunciation).  She was a big help, except when deciding which phone to choose.  I was actually very pleased... Continue Reading →

Office for Fruit Phones!

Microsoft has released today the Office Suite for iOS… which means that iPhone and users can now start using the same tools on their devices that they do on their PCs… and best of all, it is absolutely free to Office 365 subscribers! Check out the official release article at http://blogs.office.com/b/office-news/archive/2013/06/14/office-mobile-for-the-iphone-is-now-available-for-office-365-subscribers.aspx. Now for the bad... Continue Reading →

A Fitting Tribute

The visionary and technological innovator who was Steve Jobs passed away yesterday.  How fitting that the company that only he could have built (twice, if you consider that in 1997 Apple was virtually dead until he returned) stops to pay tribute to him in such a way. In a day or two no doubt Apple.com... Continue Reading →

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