The Apple Store… Overpriced, but not just a pretty face!

Okay, I finally needed a new phone because the old one died.  As you probably know my girlfriend’s name is Stephanie.  Well the lovely and patient girl at the Apple Store was also named Stefanie (Different spelling, same pronunciation).  She was a big help, except when deciding which phone to choose.  I was actually very pleased that she was as nice as she was, because Stephanie and I were joking the whole time, and she didn’t even take offense when we started talking about her tattoo, and how bad-ass she really isn’t 🙂

This is the second experience I have had with an Apple Store this year… the first time was in Bellevue, Washington and I couldn’t stop raving about the service I got there.  Fortunately I discovered today that it wasn’t simply a geographic anomaly… while I still feel Apple devices are ridiculously overpriced, at least I get good service from them… and fortunately for me, this time it was Rogers Mobility paying the bill.

Thanks Stefanie (from Apple Store Mapleview)… and Rogers!


2 responses to “The Apple Store… Overpriced, but not just a pretty face!”

  1. Why did Rogers pay for your Apple bill. It is about time you realized that Apple is in and Microsoft is just losing market share.

    1. They paid for my iPhone because I agreed to renew my contract… nothing more exciting than that 🙂

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