One of those moments…

As I sat on the airplane from Atlanta to Greenville (South Carolina) I decided the flight was short enough that I could spend it thinking, rather than pulling out my laptop.  As I tend to do when training for a new Belt, I went through a series of Taekwondo patterns in my head – the Tae Guk series to be specific.  Last night I visited Master Chong’s Dojang in East Amherst, New York – a suburb of Buffalo, and I started to think about the Korean phrase Cho Shim, which means Beginner’s Mind.  I had an idea for a blog article, which I planned to write this evening at my hotel.  In fact I had several ideas and was psyched that I had a few ideas to start writing about.

When we landed and found out that Steve Jobs died all of that changed.

Tomorrow morning the article that I wrote about my thoughts on Mr. Jobs’ passing will be published in this spot, and shortly thereafter I will have to get onto a stage as if the world we wake up to on Thursday is the same one we knew when we woke up on Wednesday.  It is not.

The world is a better place for the time that Steve Jobs spent in it, whether you liked him or not.  You will be missed Steve.


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