Urban Armor: Protect your device!

Are all phone protector cases created equal?  I have discovered over the years that, much to my dismay, they are not.  Some cases look pretty and are sleek, but they do not do a very good job of protecting your phone.  Others are big and bulky, and your phone is safe… but you never want... Continue Reading →

ThinCharge: Making the iPhone useable again

It was as much of a shock to me as anyone that I became an iPhone user, but here I am, walking around with my iPhone 6. Now here’s the issue… Apple seems to get you every time.  You buy a new iPhone, and the battery is strong and good for more than a day. ... Continue Reading →

Pay Attention!

Last week I received a company wide e-mail at one of the companies that I consult for.  The gist of it was that anyone whose cell phone disturbed a meeting – whether it be a ring, an alarm, a text, an e-mail – would be donating $10 (per incident) to the charity that this company... Continue Reading →

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