Pay Attention!

Last week I received a company wide e-mail at one of the companies that I consult for.  The gist of it was that anyone whose cell phone disturbed a meeting – whether it be a ring, an alarm, a text, an e-mail – would be donating $10 (per incident) to the charity that this company … Continue reading Pay Attention!

The Things We Do For Charity…

Over the last few weeks I have done some Facebook reposts about the OMAC Juvenile Arthritis Charity Tournament.  One of our students at Master Kim’s Oriental Martial Arts College is a kid named Ayden Soares.  As you can imagine, Arthritis is a very painful disease, especially for children.  When our school decided to get together … Continue reading The Things We Do For Charity…

Still need help! Walking for ALS in four days!

Hey folks.  Last week I reached out to you to support my walk for ALS, and many of you responded and I can’t thank you enough.  I am still shy of my goal and really need your help.  Anything you can give helps, but bigger numbers mean more help to the people suffering from this … Continue reading Still need help! Walking for ALS in four days!

Aaron’s Mission Trip

In December I reached out to some of my friends, family, and colleagues about a fundraising effort for my son, Aaron. Aaron is a student at Meadow Green Academy in Mississauga, Ontario. Every year the school sends students from their Grade 8 class on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic to do charity work. … Continue reading Aaron’s Mission Trip