Still need help! Walking for ALS in four days!

Hey folks.  Last week I reached out to you to support my walk for ALS, and many of you responded and I can’t thank you enough.  I am still shy of my goal and really need your help.  Anything you can give helps, but bigger numbers mean more help to the people suffering from this … Continue reading Still need help! Walking for ALS in four days!

Same Scam, Different Source

Earlier this year I wrote an article for earlier this year on an on-line scam (Another Scam).  I remembered it a few minutes ago when I got the same phishing e-mail from an aunt in California, who unfortunately got mugged on an unannounced surprise trip to Manila. Of course, my aunt is not in … Continue reading Same Scam, Different Source

Another Scam… and another article on

I have been a bad boy.  I am usually a monthly columnist for, but of late I have been a little delinquent… deadlines being what they are, and I have to find the inspiration.  I have, as a result, missed a couple of months. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a … Continue reading Another Scam… and another article on

Oakville.Com Tech Tuesday

This morning my most recent article for was published – a couple of weeks late (my fault).  Because it is meant to be more consumer focused than enterprise it will certainly appeal to a certain segment of my readers!  It is called ‘How can I protect myself from data loss?’ and it is about … Continue reading Oakville.Com Tech Tuesday

Coming Home… A New Venture!

I am a Road Warrior.  I have been one for several years, since before I moved to the Halton Region.  In fact since I moved to Oakville in 2007 I have spent more time away than at home, in over one hundred cities in more than a dozen countries.  I have spoken to audiences of … Continue reading Coming Home… A New Venture!