My OMAC Profile

omacWCLogoA little over a year ago I was going to take over management of the website for the Oriental Martial Arts College (Master Kim’s OMAC).  Several issues, including my long-term relocation to Japan, aborted that.  However I am thrilled to be back with OMAC now, as a Senior Instructor and not as a webmaster.  This week I was honoured when the webmaster, Mr. Al Poulis, added my profile to the new site, which has now been renamed OMAC World Class Martial Arts.  MY profile can be seen here.

I want to commend Mr. Poulis, who has done a much better job of redesigning the website than I ever could have!


Still need help! Walking for ALS in four days!

Hey folks.  Last week I reached out to you to support my walk for ALS, and many of you responded and I can’t thank you enough.  I am still shy of my goal and really need your help.  Anything you can give helps, but bigger numbers mean more help to the people suffering from this terrible disease!

Please donate what you can online now at!SolicitationID)&LangPref=en-CA.  If you do not want to use your credit card on-line then let me know and I can help you out.

Thanks again for your help!


Same Scam, Different Source

Earlier this year I wrote an article for earlier this year on an on-line scam (Another Scam).  I remembered it a few minutes ago when I got the same phishing e-mail from an aunt in California, who unfortunately got mugged on an unannounced surprise trip to Manila.

Of course, my aunt is not in Manila… not that I can reach her right now, but seeing as the text is nearly identical to the one I cited in July.  Obviously her e-mail account was hijacked, and the scammers are praying on the goodness of all of her contacts.  As I state in the article I have heard horror stories of intelligent people being scammed out of thousands of dollars by this scam.

I wrote my aunt an e-mail immediately – after leaving urgent voice mails at her home, office, and mobile – telling her what she had to do:

      1. Change your e-mail password immediately! (along with all of your other passwords – they will likely have been compromised too).
      2. Send an e-mail to ALL of your contacts and let them know that you are safe, and to NOT send you money.
      3. Go to the following site:  At the bottom there is a section ‘How to Report Crime & Fraud.’  You must report this!!

I do not know if she will get it in time – My aunt is not a very technologically connected woman.  On the other hand she is a wonderful woman with a big heart, and I am sure a lot of her friends will be concerned and willing to help.  It is because of this that it is so important that I get this message out… tell your friends and family about it, because they could be next.

    On a related note, I am glad that I went to the trouble of changing ALL of my on-line passwords yesterday!

Another Scam… and another article on

English: The Oakville Centre for the Performin...

English: The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts in Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been a bad boy.  I am usually a monthly columnist for, but of late I have been a little delinquent… deadlines being what they are, and I have to find the inspiration.  I have, as a result, missed a couple of months.

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a fellow resident of Oakville (or at least he used to own a business here… he certainly lives within 50 miles of here.  He is not someone I know well, but I certainly know him and when I got an e-mail telling me (and everyone) that he was traveling abroad and ran into trouble, I was suspicious… and rightly so.

The article is called Another Scam: Is your friend abroad really in need? it came about in hopes of preventing my readers from falling victim to this scam.  I wish I could remember who it was, but I met someone a month before who actually had been victimized.  Hopefully this article will prevent others from suffering the same embarrassing fate.

Read the whole article here, and leave your comments!

Oakville.Com Tech Tuesday

This morning my most recent article for was published – a couple of weeks late (my fault).  Because it is meant to be more consumer focused than enterprise it will certainly appeal to a certain segment of my readers!  It is called ‘How can I protect myself from data loss?’ and it is about backup solutions for the SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) and consumer.  Let me know what you think – join the conversation!

Also I am always looking for new ideas for the column, and would love to hear your thoughts! Remember, it should be problem-focused and not product-focused… I am, for this column, trying to remain product agnostic.

Hey folks! For those of you who have been asking about my Tech Tuesdays column in, I wanted to reassure you that it is coming. In fact, it has been submitted and approved, and is scheduled to run on Tuesday, March 20th. This was due to my missing a deadline (those of you who have worked with me know…) and not for any other reason.

The article will focus on backup solutions for SOHOs… and before you say anything, the article has been researched, written, and submitted so I will not at this time be entertaining recommendations for solutions to include in the piece. I am warmed by your enthusiasm, but I am shredded by the amount of work on my plate – too much to revisit the piece now. Rest assured, if you submit your comments after reading the piece I will read every one, and respond to most!

I just wanted to make sure none of you thought the worst… and hopefully in April I will be back to my regularly scheduled 1st Tuesday of the month!


Today is the day… My first article went live at, and that is very exciting for me.  It is great to be able to give back to the community where I live… that I have called home for the past five years.

It is amazing… the first time I spoke with my wife (Theresa) – we met on-line – she said that she lived in Oakville, and I said ‘Where’s that?’ I had moved to the Greater Toronto Area (more specifically Mississauga) two months earlier, and although I had heard of Oakville had no idea that it was ten minutes away down the 403 (or QEW… or Burnhamthorpe… or Dundas).  Now, nearly five years later, I consider it home, and do not want to live anywhere else.

So for my introductory article I wrote (as promised) about password security.  I hope you read it and like it! –M

Coming Home… A New Venture!

I am a Road Warrior.  I have been one for several years, since before I moved to the Halton Region.  In fact since I moved to Oakville in 2007 I have spent more time away than at home, in over one hundred cities in more than a dozen countries.  I have spoken to audiences of IT Professionals across Canada and the US, as well as Europe, Asia, and most recently South America. 

Throughout my travels I have espoused the importance of giving back to your community, both at large (through charitable endeavours) and the IT Pro community (through user groups and on-line forums).  That is why I was so thrilled when I was approached in January to ask if I would be interested in writing a monthly technology column for three local community sites –,, and of course

I accepted gladly, and beginning this month each site will be publishing my technology article.  The topics will be broad-ranging, aimed at consumers but always of import to IT Pros as well.  I will make sure the topics are interesting, and I will listen to feedback as well as entertain suggestions for future columns.

As someone who spends so much time on the road but calls Oakville home, it is great to be able to write a column that my local community will read, understand, and hopefully benefit from.

My first column, to be published next week, is on password security.  If you think you know, remember that it is so often the case in our industry that the shoemaker’s children go barefoot.  Look for the article to appear at in their Tech Tuesdays column.  I know I’m excited!

Have a great week-end!