My OMAC Profile

A little over a year ago I was going to take over management of the website for the Oriental Martial Arts College (Master Kim's OMAC).  Several issues, including my long-term relocation to Japan, aborted that.  However I am thrilled to be back with OMAC now, as a Senior Instructor and not as a webmaster.  This week... Continue Reading →

Mitch Breaking Bricks!

As part of my requirements for my Second Dan Black Belt test, I was required to break two 1.5" slabs of concrete. Damn does it feel good... now that it's behind me! I spent so much time talking about it, here is the video! -M Mitch Breaking Bricks!

T-5: Part One

This past Saturday I pre-tested for my Second Dan Black Belt test.  The actual test is this coming Saturday, June 2.  The Second Dan candidates were given a writing assignment to complete: “My Future Goals in Tae Kwon Do and Why I Want to Achieve Them.”  I spent most of Sunday thinking about this, and... Continue Reading →

One Week…

It was the title of my favourite Barenaked Ladies song, but in this context it is a lot scarier.  I have been working toward my Second Degree Black Belt... well, really since I started Taekwondo in January of 2009, and then since I earned my Black Belt in June of 2010 but in reality I have... Continue Reading →

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