The World… for the World According to Mitch.

Somalia. Greenland. Vanuata. Montserrat. Cook Islands. Samoa. Mali. Sierra Leone. Burundi. Federated States of Micronesia, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Niger, Djibouti, British Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands. What do these sixteen nations have in common?  Certainly not geography – some are tropical islands, others African nations, and of course Greenland should, by all rights, be its... Continue Reading →

Mitch Breaking Bricks!

As part of my requirements for my Second Dan Black Belt test, I was required to break two 1.5" slabs of concrete. Damn does it feel good... now that it's behind me! I spent so much time talking about it, here is the video! -M Mitch Breaking Bricks!

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