Fourth Year: Thank you once again!

Thank you. Three years ago The World According to Mitch, a blog that I started because the two or three dozen people to whom I would e-mail my thoughts and insights got sick of getting my e-mails, was recognized by BizTech Magazine as one of the 50 Must Read IT Blogs.  For that year there … Continue reading Fourth Year: Thank you once again!

The World… for the World According to Mitch.

Somalia. Greenland. Vanuata. Montserrat. Cook Islands. Samoa. Mali. Sierra Leone. Burundi. Federated States of Micronesia, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Niger, Djibouti, British Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands. What do these sixteen nations have in common?  Certainly not geography – some are tropical islands, others African nations, and of course Greenland should, by all rights, be its … Continue reading The World… for the World According to Mitch.

A Humbling Accolade, Year 3

Two years ago I had not heard of BizTech Magazine, so when I found out that this blog had been listed on their list of 50 IT Blogs You Must Read I was truly surprised, and honoured.  I then started following them and reading the publication, and that increased the value of the honour. A … Continue reading A Humbling Accolade, Year 3

An Interview with BizTech Magazine

In September I was honoured to discover that BizTech Magazine had recognized The World According To Mitch on their list of 50 Must-Read IT Blogs from BizTech (Sept. 7, 2011).  Several weeks ago I was contacted by Ricky Ribeiro, BizTech’s Online Content Manager asking if I would be willing to do an interview about blogging … Continue reading An Interview with BizTech Magazine

A Humbling Recognition

Last week a tweet came across my Twitter feed from Amy Babinchak congratulating me on being one of the fifty must-read IT blogs.  I had to turn to Bing for the details.  It turns out that BizTech Magazine published an article titled 50 Must-Read IT Blogs from BizTech.  The honour comes complete with a badge … Continue reading A Humbling Recognition