The Things We Do For Charity…

Over the last few weeks I have done some Facebook reposts about the OMAC Juvenile Arthritis Charity Tournament.  One of our students at Master Kim’s Oriental Martial Arts College is a kid named Ayden Soares.  As you can imagine, Arthritis is a very painful disease, especially for children.  When our school decided to get together... Continue Reading →

Pan Am… Do something for nothing, and get so much!

If you follow me on Facebook you will already know that I was selected as a volunteer for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games.  My decision to volunteer dates back to the 2013 Taekwondo Canada Open; at the end of the event the administrator thanked me for my hard work, and hoped that I would... Continue Reading →

My OMAC Profile

A little over a year ago I was going to take over management of the website for the Oriental Martial Arts College (Master Kim's OMAC).  Several issues, including my long-term relocation to Japan, aborted that.  However I am thrilled to be back with OMAC now, as a Senior Instructor and not as a webmaster.  This week... Continue Reading →

A Picture is Worth…

A couple of years ago I attended the Microsoft Convergence Conference in New Orleans.  The HP booth had hired a caricature artist to draw people, and using his Wacom digitizer he drew an absolutely amazing one of me.  His name by the way was Stephen King - no relation to the author.  I used that picture for...... Continue Reading →

Violence is SELDOM the Answer, and Road Rage is ALWAYS Stupid.

**AUTHOR’S NOTE: Although this article is being published on a subsequent day, the incidents described herein occurred on June 25th, 2013. This article/essay is written from the perspective of it still being that day.** I was attacked today by two idiots. After they cut me off in their pickup truck they followed me into the... Continue Reading →

Conquering Challenges

Happy Friday folks.  It is May 31st… the last day of the month, for many people it’s a day to submit expenses.  In southern Ontario it is a beautiful sunny day (some people complain about the heat… I never do) and it is not surprising that around the office there is a lot of chatter... Continue Reading →

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