The One Inch Punch

As many of you know I have been forced to take a break from Taekwondo since my auto accident in December.  That does not mean that when asked I cannot suit up to help the judging at the Colour Belt Grading Tests.  I did that this Wednesday, and afterwards some of us were hanging out chatting.  I decided to try something I had never done before… although I have thought about it for years.  I wanted to try the “One Inch Punch” as made famous by the Dragon Bruce Lee (see article).

Of course my left shoulder is still wrecked, but my right side is mostly fine.  I gave it a shot, and although it hurt a bit it worked!  Master David Kim held a very knotty board for me while Instructor Peter Wolchak filmed it for us.  The board was much harder than most boards we use, but I figured I would try anyways.  Here it is!

Thanks to Master David Kim for holding and Instructor Peter Wolchak for filming!

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