Arrogance… or Excellence?

I had some papers to sign regarding a new job last week, so rather than dressing for the beautiful sunny southern California heat, I put on a dress shirt and tie; in recognition of the Casual Fridays concept, I wore a sport jacket instead of a suit.  I drove to Culver City to sign the... Continue Reading →

Keep it Clean… it will last longer!

Last night at Taekwondo two women (a student and a parent) asked me the same question: ‘Is that a new dobok?’ The dobok is of course the uniform we wear, and until you are a Senior Instructor in our system it is white with our logo on the back. Additionally I have two flag patches... Continue Reading →

Conquering Challenges

Happy Friday folks.  It is May 31st… the last day of the month, for many people it’s a day to submit expenses.  In southern Ontario it is a beautiful sunny day (some people complain about the heat… I never do) and it is not surprising that around the office there is a lot of chatter... Continue Reading →

It’s tomorrow…

It all comes down to tomorrow.  Five patterns, nine knife-defense techniques, some sparring… and 2.5” of concrete. For those of you who read my blog for the IT-related material, you will be relieved to know that after my test I will likely post some pictures, possibly a video or two, and a quick write-up… and... Continue Reading →

Oh il Sam Sa

Recently Grand Master Kim’s Oriental Martial Arts College held its annual Big Bow Ceremony, where we all greet each other with respect.  The Grand Master stands alone at the front; next the Masters are grouped, then the remaining Black Belts.  We all stand before the rest of the school, who are loosely arranged by belt... Continue Reading →

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