Arrogance… or Excellence?

I had some papers to sign regarding a new job last week, so rather than dressing for the beautiful sunny southern California heat, I put on a dress shirt and tie; in recognition of the Casual Fridays concept, I wore a sport jacket instead of a suit.  I drove to Culver City to sign the … Continue reading Arrogance… or Excellence?

Keep it Clean… it will last longer!

Last night at Taekwondo two women (a student and a parent) asked me the same question: ‘Is that a new dobok?’ The dobok is of course the uniform we wear, and until you are a Senior Instructor in our system it is white with our logo on the back. Additionally I have two flag patches … Continue reading Keep it Clean… it will last longer!

Respect the Belt… Respect the Art.

I mentioned in conversation a couple of days ago that I was going to be starting to learn Kyokushin Karate in Japan and that I was very excited.  One of the people involved in the discussion mentioned that the first few months of any martial art is going to be less interesting, but if I … Continue reading Respect the Belt… Respect the Art.

Taekwondo: Care to comment?

I want to preface this post by saying that I don’t get it.  I have been in Taekwondo for four and a half years, and have in that time achieved my 2nd Dan Black Belt… but even before I started I am reasonably sure that I would not have gotten it. A commentator on Australian … Continue reading Taekwondo: Care to comment?

Calgary Taekwondo Academy

I found myself in Calgary this week with a free evening, so in the afternoon I typed a few keywords into my favorite search engine to see what I could find. Dojang Calgary Taekwondo I got several hits, but the most promising of these (apart from the proximity to my hotel, I liked what I … Continue reading Calgary Taekwondo Academy

It’s tomorrow…

It all comes down to tomorrow.  Five patterns, nine knife-defense techniques, some sparring… and 2.5” of concrete. For those of you who read my blog for the IT-related material, you will be relieved to know that after my test I will likely post some pictures, possibly a video or two, and a quick write-up… and … Continue reading It’s tomorrow…

19 Days Out: Where my Black Belt prep stands!

It is difficult to imagine, but I am now inside the three week mark.  In nineteen days – June 2nd, 2012 – I will be testing for my Second Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.  I have not been blogging as much as I should, so I am going to take this opportunity to review the … Continue reading 19 Days Out: Where my Black Belt prep stands!

Oh il Sam Sa

Recently Grand Master Kim’s Oriental Martial Arts College held its annual Big Bow Ceremony, where we all greet each other with respect.  The Grand Master stands alone at the front; next the Masters are grouped, then the remaining Black Belts.  We all stand before the rest of the school, who are loosely arranged by belt … Continue reading Oh il Sam Sa

Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo: Humble and Insightful Lessons

I have been teaching a class in Virginia Beach for the past two weeks, and not surprisingly one of my students has a son in Tae Kwon Do.  He had a class last Friday, and although with my injured foot I would not be able to participate, I asked if I could visit to watch.  … Continue reading Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo: Humble and Insightful Lessons