MCITP: Server Boot Camp, Virginia Beach

It was REALLY last minute… on Friday I got a mass e-mail from a training provider scrambling to replace a trainer who had cancelled at the last minute.  By some miracle of scheduling I was available; after a few hours of back and forth e-mails I booked my flight for Sunday to be at the… Continue reading MCITP: Server Boot Camp, Virginia Beach

Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo: Humble and Insightful Lessons

I have been teaching a class in Virginia Beach for the past two weeks, and not surprisingly one of my students has a son in Tae Kwon Do.  He had a class last Friday, and although with my injured foot I would not be able to participate, I asked if I could visit to watch. … Continue reading Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo: Humble and Insightful Lessons

All Hail King Neptune!

I couldn’t believe it.  I spent all day Sunday walking the boardwalk along Virginia Beach, and I missed it.  I walked from 20th Street to 6th Street and back to 25th Street before turning back and going to the car.  If only I had gone five more blocks (or, realistically, looked up from 25th) I… Continue reading All Hail King Neptune!