All Hail King Neptune!

I couldn’t believe it.  I spent all day Sunday walking the boardwalk along Virginia Beach, and I missed it.  I walked from 20th Street to 6th Street and back to 25th Street before turning back and going to the car.  If only I had gone five more blocks (or, realistically, looked up from 25th) I would have seen it.

King Neptune.

Monday after class I went back down to the beach to pick up a forgotten souvenir and dinner… and in the souvenir store (at 16th Street) I noticed a picture of the glorious, world famous statue of the Roman god.  I asked where it was, and they told me that if I walked along the beach I couldn’t miss it.  Of course I had to admit that I actually had missed it… so after all the laughing and pointing they told me to walk down to 30th Street. 

I had not planned to walk like that… I am on an injured foot, and was wearing long pants.  I could have gotten in the car and driven, but decided the walk would be good for me so I hit the pavement.  I walked along the boardwalk, got clipped by a rollerblader whose understanding of physics is questionable (VERY stoppable force meets unstoppable object equals rollerblader on her ass), and eventually could see it in the distance.

He truly is a magnificent sculpture.  With his trident in one hand, the turtle in the other, and crustaceans (and a huge octopus!) all around, You can only tell the size when you look at me standing next to the octopus.  It really is amazing to see.  If you are ever on Virginia Beach, make sure to walk all the way to 30th before turning around!

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