The Bands: Who should I believe?

You think you have problems?  I’m lopsided.  It would appear that my right arm has taken 1,717 steps this morning, while my left arm has only taken 1,520. For the last few days I was thinking that either the Fitbit Charge or the Microsoft Band was more accurate than the other… but I couldn’t figure... Continue Reading →

The Bands: Battery Fail!

Had you asked me last night which device was winning, it was a pretty easy call… I am really loving the Microsoft Band 2.  So when I went to bed and turned out the light, I was happy to click the appropriate buttons to set my Sleep cycle… which was really easy to learn on... Continue Reading →

The Bands: Compatible Systems

On Monday I published my first article in the “Battle of the Bands” series between the Microsoft Band (left hand) and the Fitbit Charge (right hand).  Yesterday I spoke about my first impressions, and the Microsoft Band seemed to be ahead.  Today’s piece – connected applications – weighs heavily in Fitbit’s favour. I have been... Continue Reading →

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