Am I Being Watched? Possible, unlikely…

I received this e-mail - apparently from myself - earlier this week.  I have actually gotten many of these e-mails over the past few months.  On the surface, my e-mail has obviously been hacked - after all, how else could the sender send an e-mail from my own account? Here's the problem... it was not... Continue Reading →

Another Way To Scam You…

This morning I got this text message: There is only one problem: I do not now, nor (to the best of my recollection) have I ever banked with Scotiabank. Don't look now folks, but the bad guys have found another way to try to steal your money. Text Message Phishing. This one is easily spotted.... Continue Reading →


Wednesday morning I was sitting at my desk when a pop-up appeared on my screen.  It was actually an Internet Explorer window, and although it was written entirely in Japanese, I suspected immediately that it was a scam, a fraud, malware, or something.  Why?  It had a very old Microsoft logo on it (from the... Continue Reading →

This Is A Scam!

I knew something was fishy when the phone rang and the Call Display showed a call-back number of 666-035-3612 because, as we all know, 666 is the area code of the beast.  I waited the five seconds for the auto-dialer system to connect me to a real operator.  ‘Hello, my name is Gary from the... Continue Reading →

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