Another Way To Scam You…

This morning I got this text message:

There is only one problem: I do not now, nor (to the best of my recollection) have I ever banked with Scotiabank.

Don’t look now folks, but the bad guys have found another way to try to steal your money. Text Message Phishing. This one is easily spotted.

However: should you ever get a message from your bank, be it by email, text, or semaphores, do not click on any links. If you suspect it is real, call the number on your bank card (or your branch if you have a personal connection).

This summer I was walking off the golf course and I just missed a call from my actual bank. I pressed call-back. The agent did not ask for my information because my bank has voice recognition, and he said;

Mr. Garvis, never press call-back to the bank, and if you do, never give them any personal information. The scammers keep getting better, and they are spoofing our Caller ID instead of simply calling from their overseas numbers.

This was excellent advice, and I will continue to follow it. So should you.

Oh, and if anyone here reads semaphores and can explain how to embed a link, I would love to know.


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