Coming Home… A New Venture!

I am a Road Warrior.  I have been one for several years, since before I moved to the Halton Region.  In fact since I moved to Oakville in 2007 I have spent more time away than at home, in over one hundred cities in more than a dozen countries.  I have spoken to audiences of IT Professionals across Canada and the US, as well as Europe, Asia, and most recently South America. 

Throughout my travels I have espoused the importance of giving back to your community, both at large (through charitable endeavours) and the IT Pro community (through user groups and on-line forums).  That is why I was so thrilled when I was approached in January to ask if I would be interested in writing a monthly technology column for three local community sites –,, and of course

I accepted gladly, and beginning this month each site will be publishing my technology article.  The topics will be broad-ranging, aimed at consumers but always of import to IT Pros as well.  I will make sure the topics are interesting, and I will listen to feedback as well as entertain suggestions for future columns.

As someone who spends so much time on the road but calls Oakville home, it is great to be able to write a column that my local community will read, understand, and hopefully benefit from.

My first column, to be published next week, is on password security.  If you think you know, remember that it is so often the case in our industry that the shoemaker’s children go barefoot.  Look for the article to appear at in their Tech Tuesdays column.  I know I’m excited!

Have a great week-end!


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