Hey folks! For those of you who have been asking about my Tech Tuesdays column in Oakville.com, I wanted to reassure you that it is coming. In fact, it has been submitted and approved, and is scheduled to run on Tuesday, March 20th. This was due to my missing a deadline (those of you who have worked with me know…) and not for any other reason.

The article will focus on backup solutions for SOHOs… and before you say anything, the article has been researched, written, and submitted so I will not at this time be entertaining recommendations for solutions to include in the piece. I am warmed by your enthusiasm, but I am shredded by the amount of work on my plate – too much to revisit the piece now. Rest assured, if you submit your comments after reading the piece I will read every one, and respond to most!

I just wanted to make sure none of you thought the worst… and hopefully in April I will be back to my regularly scheduled 1st Tuesday of the month!



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