Trusted Senders…

I have received a lot of spam in my day, and I have looked at some of it to see what tricks the bad guys are playing.  I received this e-mail on my phone this morning.  Please note, it was in my Inbox, and did not go into Junk. Does Microsoft use contractions? You’ve in… Continue reading Trusted Senders…

I Think… therefore, I am uncertain.

I spend a lot of time speaking with clients about their environments.  From time to time, my job is to ‘interview’ them, so that I can properly document their environments. Recently I was speaking with a couple of admins at a private sector company who were very proud of their environments.  They had hired a… Continue reading I Think… therefore, I am uncertain.

An Open Letter to Application Developers

Dear Developers, I want to thank you for continuing to build applications and programs and other software that makes my life better.  As an Infrastructure Specialist I feel my kind and your kind have developed a nice symbiosis over the years - I build the environments on which your solutions run, and you make my… Continue reading An Open Letter to Application Developers

The Shoemaker is No Longer Barefoot!

This post was originally written for the Canadian IT Pro Connection blog, and can be seen there at For years I have been espousing the need to and value of locking down client workstations in a corporate environment.  Part of the SWMI Story – the secure, well-managed IT infrastructure for which I named my… Continue reading The Shoemaker is No Longer Barefoot!

Today is the day… My first article went live at, and that is very exciting for me.  It is great to be able to give back to the community where I live… that I have called home for the past five years. It is amazing… the first time I spoke with my wife (Theresa)… Continue reading

Why we need a backup…

This is a story about IT Security. It is hard to believe that within three weeks we have had our Kia Rondo.  However it is easy enough to gauge… we brought it home (used) on New Years Eve, December, 2009… When I drove Theresa to the hospital to deliver Gilad it was still on its… Continue reading Why we need a backup…

The Wonder that is TechEd

The quiet of the Exhibitor Hall is disturbed by the sounds of preparation.  To my left there is a crew frantically working to fix something with a carpet.  There is some hammering, more yammering, and the sounds of carpet tape being unfurled. To my right there are two security agents talking, but they are too… Continue reading The Wonder that is TechEd

Cover Your A$$ – Secure Your WiFi Now!

I honestly hate saying ‘I told you so.’ For years I have been telling everyone who will listen (and a lot of people who didn’t want to) about the importance of securing wireless networks.  I’ve told stories about the possible consequences, and have scared some of them into doing the right thing.  Unfortunately far too… Continue reading Cover Your A$$ – Secure Your WiFi Now!

A Do-it-Yourself SWMI? No sweat!

Ok, let's be honest.  We all know that we need to secure our Active Directory infrastructures, but many of us are not entirely sure how.  You may even know that Group Policy is a great tool to do it centrally, but with literally thousands of Group Policy settings available in Windows Server 2008 R2, where… Continue reading A Do-it-Yourself SWMI? No sweat!