TechNet Subscription for MCTs: Extended!

As you know on July 1st Microsoft announced that it would be ending the TechNet Subscriptions (TNS) that so many of us rely on.  As the MCT Regional Lead I have fielded several complaints about this issue.  Last week I reminded you all that August 31, 2013 would be the last day that MCTs would … Continue reading TechNet Subscription for MCTs: Extended!

Resign as an MVP? No…

It is with great regret that I am told today that I must resign from the Microsoft MVP Program because I am unable to (or unwilling to) help the community. As many of you know I walk a fine line between community leader (Microsoft MVP, MCT) and a member of Microsoft Canada’s DPE team (Evangelist).  … Continue reading Resign as an MVP? No…

A Great Response Regarding OEM/Upgrade Media

Earlier this week I wrote a piece called “For when you want to let go… but can’t completely.’  I got a few interesting responses to it, but one really well thought out one from H. Mertens.  Here is his comment, and my responses to him. -M A clarification over the OEM/Upgrade media issue: A OEM … Continue reading A Great Response Regarding OEM/Upgrade Media

Windows Server 2012: Release Dates

If you didn’t realize that Windows Server 2012 was released to manufacturers (RTM) this week, you can easily be forgiven, as most of the hype went to its desktop cousin, Windows 8. That being said, Server 2012 is a huge milestone for Microsoft in a lot of areas, not the least of which is virtualization … Continue reading Windows Server 2012: Release Dates

Do you have your VirtCerts?

Ok I made the term VirtCert up, and frankly I am reasonably hopeful that it doesn’t catch on.  However I know the certifications are, and to help you along, Microsoft is giving you some really huge incentives! As you know from reading this blog there are three Microsoft certifications around virtualization: MCTS: Windows Server 2008, … Continue reading Do you have your VirtCerts?

The Wonder that is TechEd

The quiet of the Exhibitor Hall is disturbed by the sounds of preparation.  To my left there is a crew frantically working to fix something with a carpet.  There is some hammering, more yammering, and the sounds of carpet tape being unfurled. To my right there are two security agents talking, but they are too … Continue reading The Wonder that is TechEd

IT Pro Connection & the TechNet Flash

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft released Microsoft iSCSI Software Target for download, and I was thrilled.  I immediately decided to write about it, but before publishing what would end up the first of three articles, I decided to ping my buddy Rick Claus, IT Pro Evangelist for Microsoft Canada, and ask him if he … Continue reading IT Pro Connection & the TechNet Flash