TechNet Subscription for MCTs: Extended!

As you know on July 1st Microsoft announced that it would be ending the TechNet Subscriptions (TNS) that so many of us rely on.  As the MCT Regional Lead I have fielded several complaints about this issue.  Last week I reminded you all that August 31, 2013 would be the last day that MCTs would be able to activate the TNS that they are entitled to from their benefits, and that these subscriptions would expire at the end of the MCT Year (see article).

This morning Microsoft Learning announced that eligible subscribers with active accounts will receive a free, one-time, 90 day subscription extension. This adjusts the date of the MCT TechNet subscription deactivating to June 29, 2014.

Of course, if you have another subscription from a different source, I assume that date will be extended too!

You can read the release by clicking here.

While I am not prepared at this time to share any other news with you, MCTs who are paying attention will have heard rumours about something else going on for them.  Watch for an announcement soon!


One response to “TechNet Subscription for MCTs: Extended!”

  1. Yay! Some good news for a change.

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