Windows Server 2012: Release Dates

If you didn’t realize that Windows Server 2012 was released to manufacturers (RTM) this week, you can easily be forgiven, as most of the hype went to its desktop cousin, Windows 8.

That being said, Server 2012 is a huge milestone for Microsoft in a lot of areas, not the least of which is virtualization (where it has well and truly caught up with its competition).  Over the next few weeks I will be writing a lot about Server 2012, but for the time being I want to leave you with some important dates:

August 1: Release to Manufacturing (RTM)

August 15: Available for download by MSDN, TechNet, and MAPS subscribers.

September 4: General Availability (GA)

While both client and server are both available to me on the same day, I am glad that fate has taken deciding which to install first out of my hands.  August 15th is the day that I am leaving on vacation with the family, and while I might format my laptop in a hotel room in Chaska, Minnesota (It’s a family event before you ask) my servers will have to wait a few days longer.

That being said, I expect my friend Sean Kearney is already working on a PowerShell script to wake him up and make him coffee that morning so that he can be first in line for the downloads! Smile


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