Failover Cluster OUs

I recently created a proof of concept for a client that was built into their production environment.  The POC required me to create a couple of failover clusters, so I got the names from the customer, and created them... like I'd done a thousand times before. Several weeks went by and the customer called me... Continue Reading →

Help! Where is my Client Access Point?

So you are building a Scale Out File Server (SoFS).  You are all happy because you read one of my articles (or POSSIBLY someone else's... but really, why would you hurt me like that?) and you know you are good to go.  You have your cluster, you have your drives, and you have created your... Continue Reading →

Broken Cluster? Clear it up.

Three years ago I wrote an article about cleaning up nodes of clusters that had been corrupted and destroyed (See Cluster Issues… how to clean out cluster nodes from destroyed clusters).  Unfortunately the cluster command has been deprecated in Windows Server 2012 R2, so we need to go to PowerShell… which frankly is where we... Continue Reading →

Cluster Issues… how to clean out cluster nodes from destroyed clusters

There are things that you just shouldn’t do in real life.  While many of them involve cold lamp posts and electric sockets, there are many in the IT field that inexperienced pros do that are avoidable, but once done seemingly impossible to recover from. I came across one such issue some time ago when resetting... Continue Reading →

A Gotcha For iSCSI Software Target Users

Having built and rebuilt several demo environments with Failover Clustering using the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target 3.3, there is one gotcha that you have to be careful of: Make sure that you leave at least one domain controller un-clustered, and not stored on the Software SAN. Here’s the deal: Microsoft Failover Clustering requires Active Directory... Continue Reading →

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