Distinguished Names for Complex Items

Distinguished Names are pretty simple, right? Well... it depends on several factors.  To figure out the DN for swmi.ca it is... dc=swmi,dc=ca.  An Organizational Unit is not much harder... Let's take an OU called Toronto in the swmi.com domain... ou=Toronto,dc=swmi,dc=ca.  Simple. But what happens when we add a little complexity to our environment?  Say... OUs within... Continue Reading →

Failover Cluster OUs

I recently created a proof of concept for a client that was built into their production environment.  The POC required me to create a couple of failover clusters, so I got the names from the customer, and created them... like I'd done a thousand times before. Several weeks went by and the customer called me... Continue Reading →

Wow that certification exam was TOUGH!

I was so excited in 2003 when I passed my first certification exam and became a Microsoft Certified Professional.  I immediately went out and printed new business cards with my new MCP logo, quit my (reasonably low-paying) job, and decided to make my own way as an independent computer consultant.  It was, up to that... Continue Reading →

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