Distinguished Names for Complex Items

Distinguished Names are pretty simple, right? Well... it depends on several factors.  To figure out the DN for swmi.ca it is... dc=swmi,dc=ca.  An Organizational Unit is not much harder... Let's take an OU called Toronto in the swmi.com domain... ou=Toronto,dc=swmi,dc=ca.  Simple. But what happens when we add a little complexity to our environment?  Say... OUs within … Continue reading Distinguished Names for Complex Items

Failover Cluster OUs

I recently created a proof of concept for a client that was built into their production environment.  The POC required me to create a couple of failover clusters, so I got the names from the customer, and created them... like I'd done a thousand times before. Several weeks went by and the customer called me … Continue reading Failover Cluster OUs

Virtualizing your Domain Controllers

I am asked all the time what the best practices are for domain controllers in a virtualized environment.  There are several that I will call out, but let’s begin with the simplest rule. You should never have ONE domain controller. This rule is not only true in virtualized environments, it is always true.  If you … Continue reading Virtualizing your Domain Controllers

Wow that certification exam was TOUGH!

I was so excited in 2003 when I passed my first certification exam and became a Microsoft Certified Professional.  I immediately went out and printed new business cards with my new MCP logo, quit my (reasonably low-paying) job, and decided to make my own way as an independent computer consultant.  It was, up to that … Continue reading Wow that certification exam was TOUGH!