What’s My WiFi?

A lot of changes have been made to Windows 10 over the nearly three years since its release as the last desktop operating system that Microsoft would be releasing.  Some of those changes have been substantive, others purely cosmetic.  Over the last few versions, they have done quite a bit to remove any of the … Continue reading What’s My WiFi?

Wireless Networks: Know your strengths!

It is not uncommon for me to hear people complain that their wireless network is not stable, is not working properly, disconnects, is slow, and just isn't good enough. Unfortunately, unless you are a networking specialist, wireless connectivity is essentially a binary state: It works... or it doesn't work. There are three things I ask … Continue reading Wireless Networks: Know your strengths!

An Epic Advantage to Windows 8 & the Cloud

The vast majority of computer users will never care about this.  That is because the vast majority of computer users use a single computer for years on end.  They use them at home, and then maybe (assuming it is a laptop) they take it to Internet cafes, possibly school or work, and likely on the … Continue reading An Epic Advantage to Windows 8 & the Cloud

Cover Your A$$ – Secure Your WiFi Now!

I honestly hate saying ‘I told you so.’ For years I have been telling everyone who will listen (and a lot of people who didn’t want to) about the importance of securing wireless networks.  I’ve told stories about the possible consequences, and have scared some of them into doing the right thing.  Unfortunately far too … Continue reading Cover Your A$$ – Secure Your WiFi Now!