Stored Passwords–Beware, and know.

How many passwords do you have?  How many of them are unique?  How many of them would cause you, should they fall into the wrong hands, grief, hardship, financial loss? Now what would you say if I told you that anyone with a very little bit of knowledge could access all of those passwords, and … Continue reading Stored Passwords–Beware, and know.

Passwords: Beware

I held out as long as I could; I have never used a password vault, thinking that I could remember all of my passwords for several dozen sites and applications without having to trust them to any third party. Of course, many of the passwords I used were reused a few times, and oftentimes I … Continue reading Passwords: Beware

An Unexpected Consequence of Super-Stability

This would never have happened with Windows XP. As I always do after a long day of driving I woke up this morning and reached for my phone.  I had driven 1,092kms the previous day, which meant that I spent my attention on the road and not on my phone – doubly so because it … Continue reading An Unexpected Consequence of Super-Stability