User Account Options in Windows 8

Earlier today I discussed the Picture Password and PIN codes in Windows 8.  What I didn’t mention is that for non-corporate users (who will still continue to log on using domain accounts) you have a new option in Windows 8… and that is to use your Microsoft Account to log on to your system.

Cool, huh?

Of course, there are going to be people who do not want to do this, and that is fine… all they have to do is go to the Users page under PC Settings and click Switch to a local account.

My personal preference is to stick to the Microsoft Account… it means one less password to remember… and to remember to change every 4-6 weeks Winking smile


Of course, just like in previous versions of Windows just anybody could not log onto your computer; an account had to be created for them first.  Let’s assume for the time being that almost everybody out there has a Microsoft Account (previously Live ID, nee Microsoft Passport).  You may remember it as your Hotmail address Smile  If not, then you have to go on-line and create one.image

If they do have one, all you have to go is go to the same Users screen under PC Settings and scroll down… at the bottom of the screen you have the option to Add a user.  Click on that, and when prompted type in the e-mail address of that person.


You don’t have to know that person’s password… but the first time they log on to Windows 8 they will have to be connected to the Internet to cache their credentials.


It’s as simple as that!  You can share your PC with anyone, whether they use a local or a Microsoft Account.  Each person, in turn, can use a password, PIN, or Picture Password.



3 responses to “User Account Options in Windows 8”

  1. So what about locations that do not have internet access? (Yes, those places still exist)

    1. In the event that there is no Internet access, assuming the credentials have not been cached from a previous logon, you would have to opt to use Local Accounts over Microsoft Accounts 🙂

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