A Big, HUGE Microsoft Security FAIL.

(NOTE: This article was written December 7, 2016. Not one word has been changed since that date.  To understand why it can only now be published, read the article on this site called 107 Days: A Microsoft Security Nightmare. -MDG) For reasons that will become obvious, I am going to delay posting this article until the… Continue reading A Big, HUGE Microsoft Security FAIL.

107 Days: A Microsoft Security Nightmare

I have held off talking about something for quite some time.  I do not mess around when it comes to security, especially for my critical accounts. When the actual security of an account has been compromised, as was the case with my Microsoft Account, I do not advertise it.  On December 7th I sat in… Continue reading 107 Days: A Microsoft Security Nightmare

Hello? Nice… but is it worth the money

Microsoft has, over the last few versions of the client, made it much easier to log on to Windows.  By introducing PINs, Picture Passwords, integrating logons with Microsoft Accounts they have given us a lot more freedom, while taking security quite seriously.  I honestly think it is harder to hack into someone’s personal computer today… Continue reading Hello? Nice… but is it worth the money

Covering Your Tracks: Not so easy when walking in the Cloud!

I got a panicked phone call from a client a few weeks ago. Mitch, we fired one of our sales people last month, and we just discovered that she stole all of our client information, and covered their tracks by completely wiping their Outlook clean.  We need that information back.  Is there anything we can… Continue reading Covering Your Tracks: Not so easy when walking in the Cloud!

An Unexpected Consequence of Super-Stability

This would never have happened with Windows XP. As I always do after a long day of driving I woke up this morning and reached for my phone.  I had driven 1,092kms the previous day, which meant that I spent my attention on the road and not on my phone – doubly so because it… Continue reading An Unexpected Consequence of Super-Stability