Aaron’s Mission Trip

In December I reached out to some of my friends, family, and colleagues about a fundraising effort for my son, Aaron. Aaron is a student at Meadow Green Academy in Mississauga, Ontario. Every year the school sends students from their Grade 8 class on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic to do charity work.

The response was fantastic! I want to thank all of you who donated, as well as those who extended their best wishes. I am proud to say that, thanks to you, Aaron had more individual donors than any other THREE students! It just goes to show you that every little bit DOES help.

The time is here. Tomorrow morning Theresa and I will take Aaron to Pearson International Airport where he and ten of his classmates (along with his teacher, Mrs. McCulloch) will fly to the DR. I am both excited and nervous, but there is no question that he will have an experience of a lifetime.

Mrs. McCulloch has announced that she will be blogging every day on behalf of her Grade 8 class, and I thought that since so many of you made donations you are all a part of that trip, and so it is only fitting that I share that blog link with you.

Next week-end Aaron will be back home with his family, but I expect he will come home a slightly changed person – and every change he has made as he has grown and matured has been a positive one, so I expect no less.

Good luck Aaron, and Meadow Green. Your parents cannot wait to hear all about your experience!

To access the blog, please visit Www.Mgamissiontrip2012.wordpress.com.


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