A Fitting Tribute

The visionary and technological innovator who was Steve Jobs passed away yesterday.  How fitting that the company that only he could have built (twice, if you consider that in 1997 Apple was virtually dead until he returned) stops to pay tribute to him in such a way.

In a day or two no doubt Apple.com will be back to normal, doing business as companies will do.  As an IT Professional I think the least I can do is to snapshot their website tribute to Mr. Jobs and leave it up on The World According to Mitch

As time passes this post will drop lower and lower on my home page, as the pain we feel at the loss of Steve Jobs will lessen.  As that pain will never truly abate, neither shall this post really disappear… it will just be a little less apparent as we continue to live in a world that Steve Jobs helped to change. –M




5 responses to “A Fitting Tribute”

  1. Very fitting… although ironic that you used IE9 🙂

  2. I don’t understand why in so many posts, videos and articles about the passing of Steve Jobs I am seeing a lot of people that say his claim to fame was overrated. Obviously there’s no respect even in death, but the guy took something that was essentially going to be thrown out and, over the years, developed and marketed some of the most useful communication and computing technologies the world has ever known.

    If you don’t think a life like his is a monumental loss, you’re just being selfish.

    1. Read my other articles to see the amount of respect I have for him. I do not think his life was a loss, I think his death was. READ IT, I mourned his passing.

  3. couldn’t crop out the windows 7 bar could you.

    1. I honestly hadn’t thought to… but how fitting is it that Mr. Apple is so relevant to those of us who live in Windows too? I also left IE9 in 🙂

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