Delegating Control in Active Directory

I have been saying for years that a good IT department in a secure, well-managed infrastructure will give their end users the tools they need to do their job… and nothing more.If that is true for end users, shouldn’t it also be true for the IT department themselves?  It is frustrating to see the number… Continue reading Delegating Control in Active Directory

Where’s My… <Fill in the blank Admin tool>?

If you are me you like that every few years we get a new version of Windows.  Great new features, new tools, new this, new that… and new frustrations trying to figure out where the hell all of my tools are! Yeah yeah I know… this is the last version of Windows we are getting… Continue reading Where’s My… <Fill in the blank Admin tool>?

Managing Your Servers Remotely using the RSAT Tools

In this day and age of virtualization it is not that it is getting harder to sit down at a server to administer it… it is just getting easier to administer it remotely.  Where it does get easier is when you have several servers – often a mix of physical and virtual – that you… Continue reading Managing Your Servers Remotely using the RSAT Tools