The (Solar) WInds of Change…

I used to love System Center.  Simply put, if you were a systems administrator / engineer / architect it did… everything.  It monitors, automates, protects, virtualizes, scripts, patches, deploys, integrates… everything in your environment.  It is, in a word, comprehensive. It is also big.  There was a time (prior to System Center 2012) when you... Continue Reading →

From Server Core to GUI to… MinShell?

This post was originally written for the Canadian IT Pro Connection blog, and can be seen there at In Windows Server 2008 we were introduced to a revolutionary way to install Windows Server: Server Core. Server Core may look boring – there’s nothing to it except the command prompt – but to an IT... Continue Reading →

System Center Essentials: Microsoft monitoring and management for SMBs

Most of you know that Microsoft’s System Center family of products are the leading solutions for IT systems management.  They have come a long way in the past seven years, to the point where it is a rare company that does not have at least one System Center product installed in their organization. Although there... Continue Reading →

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