The (Solar) WInds of Change…

I used to love System Center.  Simply put, if you were a systems administrator / engineer / architect it did… everything.  It monitors, automates, protects, virtualizes, scripts, patches, deploys, integrates… everything in your environment.  It is, in a word, comprehensive. It is also big.  There was a time (prior to System Center 2012) when you... Continue Reading →

The Perils of a Manual Environment

I am not going to lie to you and say that every environment that I manage or have managed is an optimized Secure, Well-Managed IT Environment.  It’s just not true. In a secure, well-managed IT environment we monitor to make sure that things are working the way they are supposed to.  When we spin up... Continue Reading →

Obvious? No…

I learned a lesson today, after I thought I had heard it all.  It seems that when there is mould in your server room it is important to specify to everyone involved at every level that the equipment in there - often valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the potential for... Continue Reading →

Server Core: Save money.

I remember an internal joke floating around Microsoft in 2007, about a new way to deploy Windows Server.  There was an ad campaign around Windows Vista at the time that said ‘The Wow Starts Now!’  When they spoke about Server Core they joked ‘The Wow Stops Now!’ Server Core was a new way to deploy... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Helping Calgary

The news is ablaze with stories of the terrible flooding in Calgary.  As I wrote in an article yesterday (Leaving Calgary…) I got out before the worst of it, but only barely.  The rivers are overflowing, entire neighborhoods are under water, and the news is not getting better.  At least two dead, and people are... Continue Reading →

The Demise of Windows SBS

On Thursday July 5th Microsoft made an announcement that shocked the small business IT world, although it came as little surprise to the SBS MVPs who had, I am told been informed (much to their communal displeasure) months ago. Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, a product that launched a thousand (and more) careers in IT,... Continue Reading →

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