Reasons Why WordPress Cloud Hosting is a Great Idea

As The World According to Mitch grows in popularity, I get a lot of questions from people about the tools and platform that I use.  So when I was asked by Richard Myers if he could write a guest post about the platform I have been using for the past two years I was glad... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding SWMI… Not the company, just the infrastructure

I have been talking about rebuilding the domain for my company for several months, and finally sat down to do it this week-end.  Because I was essentially destroying the old domain there were a few steps I needed to perform before going ahead. I performed a Backup of all of my data.  Nobody in their... Continue Reading →

What not to Learn… Revisited for 2013!

In October, 2011 I posted an article called vPTA: What NOT to take away from my 1-day virtualization training!  It was only partly tongue-in-cheek on the environment that I have been using for several years to demonstrate server virtualization from a pair of laptops.  A few months later Damir Bersinic took that list and made... Continue Reading →

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