Reasons Why WordPress Cloud Hosting is a Great Idea

As The World According to Mitch grows in popularity, I get a lot of questions from people about the tools and platform that I use.  So when I was asked by Richard Myers if he could write a guest post about the platform I have been using for the past two years I was glad... Continue Reading →

Not thrilled with WordPress today…

I want to be clear that this is a one-time rant.  I generally LOVE WordPress.  I think it is an excellent blogging platform and I recommend it to everyone who asks.  This is probably ‘just one of those things.’  As well, it is actually a rant about the WordPress App for Windows 8, and not... Continue Reading →

Dawn of a New Day

Ok, the title may be overstating things a little.  However today does mark a great change for The World According to Mitch.  I would like to welcome all of my readers to Huh?  What do you mean? After so many years are you saying that Mitch, always the proponent of running your own servers,... Continue Reading →

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