Dawn of a New Day

Ok, the title may be overstating things a little.  However today does mark a great change for The World According to Mitch.  I would like to welcome all of my readers to MGarvis.WordPress.com.

Huh?  What do you mean? After so many years are you saying that Mitch, always the proponent of running your own servers, is not?  Has he changed his tune?

No, I still believe in server hardware… in fact to prove the point I am currently up to six servers at home, and wish I could be running everything from there; I simply don’t want to pay for a commercial Internet pipe into the house.  So for the past couple of years I have been ‘borrowing’ space for my Community Server site from a RackForce.com site, which suited me very well… but I started finding issues with CS, and decided not to upgrade to v.Next.

I started investigating solutions and decided to go with WordPress.  With the help of a very good friend (and an excellent dev/web guy) the import process was completed over the week-end, and all that was left was for the DNS record to be transferred.  That, for those paying attention, is not something that any IT Pro should ever leave up to a Dev guy, no matter how nice he is Smile  I got it fixed this morning (yes, my MX record was down too) an we are off to the races… the new World is live!
I am taking some time to get used to the new format, new features, and new capabilities… but now when people tell me that my head is in the clouds I can tell them ‘Yes… and so is my blog!’

Sadly it seems we have lost all of the old comments… I am not going to take the time to re-post them.  So all of the articles on The World are up, but the slate is clean.  Who is going to be the first to post?  I can’t wait!



4 responses to “Dawn of a New Day”

  1. 6 servers at home? I hope that they are all virtual!

    1. Hey Rick,

      I have an HP DL-585G2, an HP ML350G6, two PowerEdge 1950s, an IBM Lotus Foundations Server, and an Acer Home Server. Between them there are 21 hard drives (16x SAS, 5x SATA) amounting to about 8.25 Terabytes. I currently have nineteen virtual servers, but only seven of those are actually production servers, while the rest are either test servers or for projects I am working on. Next week I am hoping to take the time to make a lot of changes… probably will build a virtual SAN, build a Live-Migration cluster for Hyper-V and a DRS cluster for VMware… stuff like that.

    2. Kewl you should come up with that. Ecxeelnlt!

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