Honesty in Advertising

This week-end I lambasted a friend who hosts/produces a radio show about travel for posting that a particular hotel chain wanted to appear on his show to discuss his product, but refused to provide a free stay in exchange for the privilege.  I also told him that I know the entire industry works that way,… Continue reading Honesty in Advertising

Do you believe…

This Easter week-end I made an unlikely call to a radio talk show on Ottawa’s CFRA. Don’t get me wrong… I have called radio stations before, and am no stranger to being on the air.  However the circumstances of my call this particular Sunday morning were probably… out of character, or at least unexpected. The… Continue reading Do you believe…

Mayor Ford on News Talk 1010… It’s time to go.

Over the past fortnight I – all of us who live in the Greater Toronto Area – have been subjected to an interesting spectacle..  Just over two weeks ago two media outlets – http://www.gawker.com and the Toronto Star – went public with independent stories that their reporters had seen cell-phone video of the mayor of… Continue reading Mayor Ford on News Talk 1010… It’s time to go.

Radio Mitch?

The first time i was ever interviewed on the radio about technology dates back to when I was a teenager working at Compucentre in Montreal, and a couple of us were invited to be interviewed on Montreal’s CJAD 800 by Peter Anthony Holder.  I was hooked.  I ended up with my own show on Dawson… Continue reading Radio Mitch?