Mitch is Back on TechNet Radio’s Community Corner!

On July 6th I sat down with John Weston and talked about Virtualization once again.  This is the third show that I recorded with John, and I love going back because we go back and forth so well.

TechNet Radio is a great resource for learning about new and existing technologies.  If you spend any time commuting you should be downloading those podcasts and listening in your car, on the train, bus, or subway.

This latest session is called ‘What’s New in Hyper-V for Windows Server 2012’.  How timely is it that the new platform was released to manufacturing (RTM) on August 1st, and will be publicly available next month.  Check it out at the link below:

Radio Mitch?

The first time i was ever interviewed on the radio about technology dates back to when I was a teenager working at Compucentre in Montreal, and a couple of us were invited to be interviewed on Montreal’s CJAD 800 by Peter Anthony Holder.  I was hooked.  I ended up with my own show on Dawson College’s radio CFKS, and then after a very brief sting on air on the IDF Galatz radio I spent a couple of years doing a number of shows on the now-defunct CIQC AM 600 in Montreal.

Although those days are behind me, and I have no aspirations of hosting a radio show of my own, I do still enjoy being interviewed on-air.  Over the past five years I have made numerous appearances on podcasts and such.  The two main ones that I have done are RunAs Radio with Richard Campbell, and TechNet Radio with John Weston.  I only recently realized that between the two there are no fewer than seven podcasts interviewing me on different subjects.  Seeing as today is Friday and I am rather glad the week is over, I thought I would use these as the basis for my blog post, and give you the opportunity, should you so desire, to listen to them yourself.

Have a great week-end folks! -M

RunAs Radio appearances:

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TechNet Radio Appearances

TechNet Radio Community Corner: Microsoft Private Cloud vs. VMware with Microsoft MVP Mitch Garvis

TechNet Radio Community Corner: Microsoft MVP, Mitch Garvis talks Private Cloud

Let’s Get Real: Virtualization Talk on TechNet Radio

Last month I sat down with John Weston for another TechNet Radio segment.  John is a Senior IT Pro Evangelist with Microsoft (South Central District).  He and I have a lot of things in common, the newest of which is that we are both VMware Certified Professionals on vSphere 5.  We were discussing it and realized that Microsoft has been making incredible process with their virtualization and Private Cloud story, but that VMware was still at the head of the pack, and to deny that would be folly.

One of the reasons we both became VCPs was so that instead of spouting the Microsoft company line about the competition, we would have the credentials and credibility to discuss the comparison, and that VMware professionals would know that we had taken the time to learn their platform before saying we are just as good.

It is amazing that we can say that.  However I just spent a week in the beta teach of one of the new Private Cloud classes at Microsoft, and my excitement about our manageability strategy is redoubled.  Knowing what is coming next – Hyper-V v3.0 with Windows Server 2012 – makes me shiver with anticipation about teaching these classes, because Microsoft is simply going to leapfrog the competition in the virtualization space.

You can listen to our conversation here: . We discuss the Private Cloud, and if virtualization is the cloud or if it is simply a component of it.  We also discuss all sorts of other topics – John and I always have a great conversation when we get together, and I think it’s pretty entertaining.  We hope you do to!

Mitch on RunAsTechNetRadio!

This has been a busy week for me on the Internet airwaves! 

On Wednesday my interview with Richard Campbell for went live… In Show #242 Richard and I discussed System Center Essentials 2010, which brings the power of the System Center family to small and mid-sized business.  This was my fifth appearance on RunAs Radio, dating back to my first conversation with Richard in Episode 26 in 2007.

Today my interview with John Weston for TechNet Radio went live.  We had a candid conversation on Hyper-V versus VMware, as well as what role VDI and Thin Clients will play in the future of the Private Cloud.  We had a great conversation, and only wish we’d had more time… and that I had combed my hair Winking smile

Check out both of these episodes, then let me know what you think!  And don’t forget… download the latest Evaluation Software from Microsoft by clicking here!