Another week-end in the books…

This week-end actually turned out better than I had expected… my parents came into town.  Aaron had an overnight event at school Friday evening, so we took the parents (with Gilad) for dinner.  Saturday morning I picked Aaron up, then Theresa and I met Stephen Rose at his hotel and spent a few hours with him at the Hockey Hall of Fame (how disappointing the difference this year over last).  Saturday afternoon Aaron and I mimicked each other – I napped in the Laz-e-boy while he napped in bed… the difference is I got up after a couple of hours, and Aaron slept through the night!

Isn’t it great how sometimes things work out?  A couple in Toronto advertised on Craig’s List that they can’t use their tickets to see Paul Simon Friday evening at Massey Hall… meeting her Tuesday at the box office so that I can pick up their tickets… Theresa and I are thrilled!  I am not in love with his new album, but if this concert is anything like the last that I saw then we will NOT be disappointed.  HOW EXCITING!  (Still holding my breath until the tickets are in my hands)

Breakfast at their hotel in the morning, then I took Theresa to buy her Mother’s Day present from the kids.  Aaron wanted to buy her a (cheap) replica of the Lady Di ring, but I convinced him to let me help him to do better.  Theresa will really love her gift from Aaron and Gilad this year!

Brunch with the parents before they left, then a bit of work, a bit of rest.  Theresa and I made a decision and commitment to something new this evening… we’ll see how it goes.


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