Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA):

Occasionally there is an announcement or new offering worth calling special attention to and the teams at Microsoft wanted me to make sure everyone saw this one:

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA):

MVA has been around for a few months and we are trying to raise awareness about its existence to the broader community.  I would really encourage you and anyone else you might know to register for MVA.  It only takes a minute to register but it will give you a great set of resources for learning.  We will also be doing some activities around the MVP Program with MVA in the future, so please do sign up!

The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great resource and will help you improve your IT Skill set and help advance in your career with a free, easy to access training portal. You can learn at your own pace, focusing on Microsoft technologies, gain points and get recognition.  The MVA is a free program delivering structured learning paths for IT Professionals on various Microsoft products and solutions.

If you are not yet registered on MVA, it takes only a second to do so ; please register here.

We would greatly appreciate if you could share the availability of MVA to your broader community via your blogs, twitter, Facebook and in person at User Groups. Please share this free online virtual resource to anyone you think would benefit.

Here is a tweet for you guys to leverage:

Is there such a thing as a free lunch? Well there are free courses at the #MVA, so take advantage of your registration.

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