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Microsoft Virtual Academy: Live Q&A!

The IT Pro Evangelism team, Microsoft Learning and the Microsoft Virtual Academy are pleased to announce the next FREE & PUBLIC event Live Q&A: Introduction to Hyper-V on Wednesday April 3rd, from 8:30 am – 10:30am PST with virtualization experts Jeff Woolsey & Symon Perriman.

Ask your customers to join this live online event designed for IT professionals that have questions about Microsoft virtualization and want to learn about Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.  Register here: http://aka.ms/MVAf-HyperV.  If you cannot make the live event, sign up anyway so you can receive a notification when the recording is published on the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Topics and demos may include:

· Introduction to Microsoft Virtualization

· Hyper-V Infrastructure

· Hyper-V Networking

· Hyper-V Storage

· Hyper-V Management

· Hyper-V High Availability and Live Migration

· Integration with System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager

· Integration with Other System Center 2012 Components

Tweet: Ask us your questions about #Windows #Sever 2012 #HyperV! Register for this live free public Q&A event on April 3rd: http://aka.ms/MVAf-HyperV

Also check out our recent full day training Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals Jump Start which is now available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

It’s Official: My SIXTH MVP Award Category

Two weeks ago 1,400 Microsoft MVPs gathered in Redmond, Washington (the MotherShip, as some call it!) to ‘geek out’ for three days (or as many as six for some, depending on pre-day and post-day events).  We spent at least two and as many as four days in closed-door sessions with the product teams for which we were awarded… in my case it was with the Windows Client product team, which includes Windows 8, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and other deployment technologies, and of course the folks behind the Microsoft Surface.

While we all enjoyed ourselves immensely, I realized early on that although I do spend a lot of time discussing and presenting Windows 8, it is simply not the area where I spend most of my energies and focus.  As such, after meeting with both Stephen Rose (a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Windows) and Ben Armstrong, and then making the formal request through proper channels, I am proud to say that I have officially switched MVP competencies to Virtual Machine.

For those of you keeping score, here is the official list:MVP_Horizontal_FullColor

  1. Windows Server – Customer Experience
  2. Small Business Server
  3. Essential Business Server
  4. Windows Desktop Experience
  5. Windows Expert – IT Pro
  6. Virtual Machine

I want you all to know that this is not because I cannot make up my mind… simply over the years interests and areas of focus change.  A couple of years ago I was spending a lot of time talking about desktop deployment, which put me square into the Windows DE (and then Windows Expert – IT Pro) camp.  My primary focus of late has been virtualization, and it looks like that is where I am going to stay for at least a couple of years.  I am sure you all know that this is not simply a whim – I am as passionate about virtualization as is possible.

For any of you who might be interested in seeing my MVP Profile Page, it can be viewed at: http://mvp.microsoft.com/profiles/Mitch.

I want to thank all of my friends in the Windows space – Stephen Rose, David Trupkin, Michael Niehaus, and everyone else (too many to mention!) for everything they have done for me over the past few years.  I promise that I am not abandoning you – simply adjusting to the realities.  I will continue to participate in the STEP (Springboard Technical Experts Panel) as long as I am allowed, and will speak at every user group that invites me!

I am looking forward to my new program – new lists, mail servers, and so on… time to reintroduce myself to another group of poor, unsuspecting souls who have no idea what they have coming to them fine MVPs with whom I have so much in common!

Ottawa & the NCR… Let’s Get Virtual!

If you are an IT Pro in the National Capital Reason, we have an event for you!  On Friday, February 17th and again on Saturday, February 18th Microsoft Canada’s Evangelism team is bringing the IT Virtualization Boot Camp to you!

Damir Bersenic and I will be hosting the event, for two days of geeking out… we will be building a virtualization environment from scratch, including full failover and Live Migration capabilities, and all in one day!

The format is fun and exciting, with teams of four participants competing for cash prizes!  The cost is $25, all of which goes directly to your local user group which, in turn, helps you!

For more information and to register visit the Canadian IT Pro Connection at http://blogs.technet.com/b/canitpro/archive/2012/02/06/hands-on-with-private-cloud-technology-it-virtualization-boot-camp-dates-for-ottawa-amp-calgary.aspx.  I look forward to seeing you in Ottawa in February!

CanIT! (Pro)

For years I have followed, worked with, and looked to the IT Evangelism team at Microsoft Canada for guidance and direction.  My first encounter with them probably dates back to 2003 (before there was an actual team), but I really started to get to know them in 2005.  When Rick Claus came to speak to the GUMSNET user group about virtualization in November, 2004 I saw him behind the podium at Microsoft Canada as a behemoth (and he is not nearly tall enough to be that), and as I got to know the other members of the team – past, present, and future – I always admired the passion they had for what they discussed, along with (obviously) a deep knowledge of the technologies they discussed.

Last week Rick Claus, the ‘Team Elder’ as it were, announced that he has moved on.  He is still an IT Evangelist for Microsoft, but he has moved down to Redmond and is now working for Corp.  I wish him well, and know that while we will miss him in Canada he will be a great addition to the team in Redmond.

Meanwhile back in Canada I am currently doing a lot of work with the Evangelism team on their Virtualization Boot Camp tour, and was thrilled that Damir asked to re-post two of my articles from this site there.  They are:

What’s a Layer 1 or Layer 2 Hypervisor and Where Does Hyper-V Fit in?


Virtualization Infrastructure: Which platform is right for you?

I am currently in the process of writing another article which I hope to cross-post shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled to both these sites for great information that will help you grow as an IT Professional!  Also watch both sites for news about other cities where the Virtualization Boot Camp will be showing up… they are a great opportunity for you to learn virtualization, win cash prizes, and support your local user group community!

Another Full House at the Microsoft Canada Virtualization Boot Camp Challenge!

A real full house with Ruth tweeting in the back!

Damir Bersenic is rocking the house at the second Virtualization Boot Camp Challenge…

Virtualization Lessons–Both Positive and Negative!

As I sit in the back of the room for Microsoft Canada’s Virtualization Boot Camp Challenge today I see that the lab environments that we are providing to the attendees actually mimics the setup I use for my Virtual Partner Technology Advisor (vPTA) sessions.  As such, I am seeing a lot of potential for attendees to learn a lot of great technologies, but there are a few lessons that they should know.  I outlined these in an article last year called ‘vPTA: What NOT to take away from my 1-day virtualization training.’  I will urge all of the attendees (as well as all of you!) to click on the link and read the article. While a lot of the practices we use are fine for a test/lab environment, you should be aware of them before you try to implement them in your production environment!

I have written a bunch of other articles that are pertinent to the discussion… here are just some of those links:

How to get a head start on the NEW Management and Virtualization Competency

Layer 1 or Layer 2 Hypervisor? A common misconception of Hyper-V, and a brief explanation of the Parent Partition

Virtualization Infrastructure: Which platform is right for you?

Microsoft Virtualization Learning Resources

Hyper-V Training – 10215AE is now available in E-Learning!

Real Help in A Virtual World

Busting the Myth: You cannot cluster Windows Small Business Server

A follow-up to my article on configuring iSCSI initiator in Server Core & Hyper-V Server

A brief response to the vSphere 5 vs. Hyper-V question…

Gartner agrees with me… Hyper-V is for real!

Do you have your Virtcerts?

MCITP: Virtualization Administrator 2008 R2 (and other R2 Virt Certs)

IT Virtualization Boot Camp

Hey folks!  The IT Professionals Community of Greater Toronto and Microsoft Canada are getting together to bring you this amazing opportunity!  This Saturday (January 21st) and next Monday (January 23rd) we are doing a full-day Virtualization Boot Camp!  The cost is only $25, with Damir Bersenic (Senior IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada) leading the way with a lot of input and guidance from yours truly.  It is really an event that you should NOT miss… come learn how to make Hyper-V work for you, along with all of the components of Windows 2008 R2 and the System Center family!  Don’t miss it… sign up today, and come say hi to me when you are there! -M

 clip_image002                                 clip_image003

Want to get hands-on with Microsoft’s Virtualization technologies including Hyper-V?  Interested in configuring a highly-available virtualization infrastructure?  Have you wondered how to configure and use an iSCSI-based storage server?  Curious how Windows Failover Clustering can help you get a good night’s sleep?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to be at the IT Virtualization Boot Camp.

The IT Virtualization Boot Camp provides a fun and collaborative environment where you will get hands-on experience to:

  • Prepare your Windows Server-based computers for virtualization
  • Configure iSCSI storage targets
  • Create Windows Failover Clusters
  • Make virtual machines highly available with Hyper-V and enable Live Migration to hot-migrate running workloads between hosts with no loss in client connectivity
  • Integrate non-Microsoft virtual machines into your cluster
  • See how Windows Failover Clustering can help to make dealing with hardware failure easier

When: Saturday January 21, 2012 http://itvbc20120121.eventbrite.ca

Monday January 23, 2012http://itvbc20120123.eventbrite.ca

Session starts at 10am and ends at 4pm.

Registration and snacks begin at 9:30am.  Lunch will be provided.

Where: Microsoft Canada, 1950 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON

Please park in the event parking lot and enter through the Event entrance.

Cost:                $25. Proceeds from this event will help benefit your user group.

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