Are You Virtual? CLICK HERE!

For months I have been talking to you about the Microsoft Virtual AcademyAre you registered?  If you do it now you can get access to all sorts of great learning tools on Virtualization and other Microsoft Technologies!  If you click here and let me know that you did, you can win!  I am going to hold a contest… if you use my specific click-through to register (or even to check it out) leave me a comment and you will be entered into the draw to win a couple of great prizes!  Encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same because for every hundred entrants I will add TWO more prizes Smile  If I hit 1000 I will add a major prize!  However you need to click through to one of these links in order to qualify:

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Evaluation Download Center

Microsoft TechNet Cloud Hub

Enter early and enter often… the winners will be contacted by e-mail so make sure I have your contact information… and remember, as always, you will NEVER be spammed and your contact details will never be shared with anyone!

The contest is open through December 15th, but every time I get 100 clicks I will give away a minor prize… and IF I get to 1,000 clicks I will give away the MAJOR prize on December 20th (all entrants will be eligible, regardless of whether you have already won or not).  Good luck!


One response to “Are You Virtual? CLICK HERE!”

  1. Registered Mitch… 🙂 .. Thanks a ton for this… is my id.. It was very useful.. I never knew about it… Thanks for support.. i have been reading your articles.. They are awesomeee….

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