iSCSI Storage in Windows Server 2012

Storage is one of the most important aspects of our IT infrastructure.  In this day and age of virtualization it is even more important because our entire server infrastructure may be stored on a limited set of devices. Of course that is a lot easier said than done, especially for smaller companies with limited IT … Continue reading iSCSI Storage in Windows Server 2012

Shared Nothing Live Migration: Goodbye Shared Storage?

This article was originally written for the Canadian IT Pro Connection. Many smaller companies and individuals with home labs see shared storage – usually a SAN (Storage Area Network) device as the impediment to Live Migration.  In April of 2011 Microsoft released the iSCSI Software Target 3.3 as a free (and supported) download.  At the … Continue reading Shared Nothing Live Migration: Goodbye Shared Storage?

Virtualization Lessons–Both Positive and Negative!

As I sit in the back of the room for Microsoft Canada’s Virtualization Boot Camp Challenge today I see that the lab environments that we are providing to the attendees actually mimics the setup I use for my Virtual Partner Technology Advisor (vPTA) sessions.  As such, I am seeing a lot of potential for attendees … Continue reading Virtualization Lessons–Both Positive and Negative!