Microsoft Virtualization Learning Resources

It is amazing how many people ask me what resources are available for someone who wants to learn Microsoft Virtualization and then get certified with either the MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) or MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional).  After all, they are all over the place. The first place to look is Microsoft.

According to IDC WW Quarterly Server Virtualization Tracker (March, 2011) Hyper-V has grown to a 16% market share, which is pretty amazing considering that prior to the launch of Hyper-V in 2008 the world scoffed at Microsoft Virtualization.  In July Gartner released its Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure placed Microsoft in the Leaders quadrant, which for years had belonged exclusively to VMware.  I have been telling people for years that you should never bet against Microsoft once they decide to put all of their resources into going from Worst to First.  They hire the best developers and have the deepest pocket… and have more experience making solid operating systems than anyone else!

Of course I still recommend everyone take my course! I did not write Microsoft Learning’s 10215A, but I have taught it several times and it has been very well received.  Some people don’t want to take a full week ILT class, so now it is available on-line as an e-learning offering from Microsoft Learning as Collection 10215- Implementing and Managing Microsoft Server Virtualization.  If you don’t recognize the handsome (sic!) fellow on camera, then hopefully one day we will be able to actually meet.  I had so much fun recording it, even though I had to change my style so drastically to fit their guidelines.

Last week I published an article pointing to all of the original Jump Start videos – you can check that out here (Real Help in a Virtual World) and see Symon Perriman and Corey Hines talking… you can see their passion as well as their knowledge.

On October 4th Symon will be at it again… this time teamed up with a very good friend of mine and a true celebrity of the Canadian IT Pro scene, Rick Claus from Microsoft Canada.  They will be hosting MC3 October: Virtualization, a session for the Microsoft Certified Community Connection.  It will be a free 3-hour session presenting a current look at virtualization – an update on technology, an overview of certifications, and a discussion of the career opportunities available.  You will not want to miss this session!

Microsoft has several other offerings available, including a new Jump Start! Microsoft Server Virtualization – Get Certified! offering which you can register for now by clicking here. For $99 you not only get a full day of Jump Start lessons (as a Live Virtual Classroom), you also get an exam voucher (value $150!) included. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to realize that it’s worth it!  Reserve your spot today.

Knowing all of this are you still interested in taking the full class with me?  As long as you are a Microsoft Partner (in Canada) you can, and subsidized at that.  Keep watching your Partner Newsletters for details on when the next class is, and either I or another highly skilled Microsoft Certified Trainer will be glad to teach it to you.

Are you in Toronto and do not want to wait for the next newsletter? SWMI Consulting Group partners with a Microsoft Silver Learning Partner to deliver this training both as public classroom and private offerings for your company.  Let us know and we will be glad to set it up for you.

As well, if you are a Microsoft Partner in Canada and would like for a Virtual Partner Technology Advisor to come to your offices to spend a day teaching your team about both the technologies and the business value of Microsoft Virtualization, then all you have to do is speak with your Partner Account Manager and see if you qualify.  I’d love to come see you Smile

Virtualization is not only the future, it is the present… you don’t have to be Gartner or IDC to see that.  With VMware’s new Memory Tax Hyper-V is the way to go… and now is the time to learn it.  Check out these resources, build out your lab environment, and get with the program because WE NEED YOU! Actually, it is your clients who need you… to learn the technology so that you can architect and build the best solutions for them.  How do you do that? The first step is to learn, the second is to get certified.  Good luck!


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