An interesting movie…

I took Theresa to see the movie ‘The Debt’ tonight. We both enjoyed it (I more than she), but probably for very different reasons. I think it is the first time I have ever watched a movie and said to myself ‘Wow… I think I have to see the original in Hebrew’ after watching a movie.

Theresa felt that they did not delve deep enough into David’s character. I felt like I knew everything about him, and I wonder if that is because of my Israeli background, coupled with having devoured every work of non-fiction ever written about the Mossad and its operatives. It is weird how two people can sit next to each other and see the same movie so differently.

Seeing the streets of Tel Aviv made me long to return to the home I once knew and still love. I think it is time for me to plan to take Theresa to Israel for a visit so that she can hopefully understand what it is that I so love about it!

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