You may remember that several months ago we built an office for me in the basement. Last month I was getting ready for one of my trips, and all of the lights (well… both) in one row went out at the same time. I figured that the odds that they both burnt together were pretty long, so we called the contractor to look at the wiring. Nope, indeed the two lightbulbs burnt out. Theresa just e-mailed me to let me know I should feel stupid. I think her words were ‘Hey, Mr. Big-shot techno-geek smarty-pants, did you try changing the lightbulbs?’

Sometimes the simplese solution is the easiest. Now if you don’t mind me I am going to continue looking for zebras… -M


2 responses to “KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!”

  1. Theresa (the wife) Avatar
    Theresa (the wife)

    Just getting you back for retweeting that marriage wasn’t freedom 🙂 He He!

    1. You remember I pissed John Moore off last week… I figure I could appease him by retweeting 😉

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