Cruise Day 2: Key West

I cheated, I know. We docked in Key West this morning, and my cell phone announced the occasion loudly by chiming that I have e-mail, despite Roaming Data being turned off. As I waited for Theresa to get ready (I showered first) I looked at the e-mail quickly… there was only one that needed an immediate reply, but I will do that from shore.

I checked my Twitter feed, and was amused to read about the traffic on the 401 – of no consequence to me for another week. I then came across a very insightful quote: ‘If you think experts are expensive, try using amateurs.’ I know there is an article or ten in that quote in me, but I think it will have to wait until I return from vacation.

Theresa and I spent the day in Key West in a rather unique fashion. We met a business owner named Danny from the Rodriguez Cigar Factory. More on that later. Theresa has decided she wants to retire in Key West… it’s nice, but I am not a fan of hurricanes. We’ll see.

As wonderful a day as we had, Theresa needed to get to bed early. I spent a few more hours out and about – talking to people, gambling, and smoking another cigar. It was a great evening, and I only wish that Theresa could have been there with me. We all relax in different ways, and although we enjoy the same things, sometimes she needs to recharge her batteries sooner than I do J


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