I’m Back… and not a single step to show for it!

By the time our plane landed at Holguin, we cleared Passport Control, Security, and had retrieved our luggage, waited for everyone else, and then endured the two hour drive to the resort it was going on 2:00am.  To use one of my favourite British slang terms, we were knackered.  Still and all, after we checked... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Vegas: A Friday Post :)

Thanks, I needed that. As I write this I am sitting on a plane outbound from Las Vegas. Aside from spending five marvelous days with great friends, I really needed the vacation. This was, far and away, my most enjoyable trip to that city; part of that is because it is my first visit that... Continue Reading →

Vacation Time!

Dear friends, colleagues, and loyal followers. I want to thank you for visiting The World According to Mitch.  It is because of you that I have been able to achieve the incredible successes I have over the past year. Since returning from vacation last January I have posted over 250 articles in this space.  Granted,... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Strategy

There are two types of people who play backgammon.  People who play the game casually and, when playing with another person of the same caliber, will probably win more or less as many as he loses.  Then there are the people who have studied the game, the strategies, the odds.  I remember as a teenager... Continue Reading →

Cruise Day 2: Key West

I cheated, I know. We docked in Key West this morning, and my cell phone announced the occasion loudly by chiming that I have e-mail, despite Roaming Data being turned off. As I waited for Theresa to get ready (I showered first) I looked at the e-mail quickly… there was only one that needed an... Continue Reading →

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