Japan: Take 2

The best laid plans of mice… -Slartibartfast When I left Canada nearly six weeks ago it was with the promise that I would be blogging nearly every day.  I said that I was going to be traveling around the country on the week-ends, I would be taking a ton of pictures, and I would be... Continue Reading →

A (Mostly) Boring Trip

I really did have images of going out and having fun every night. I really planned to travel outside of Tokyo and see the country every weekend. That is not what happened. Don't get me wrong... I have gone out for dinners, if mostly close to home.  I have also been spending a lot of... Continue Reading →

Kyoto is to Tokyo…

I got off the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) at Kyoto Station, which was a hustling and bustling place, just like Tokyo Marunouchi Station where I had embarked.  In fact while the layout was different and so were the shops, there wasn’t all that much to differentiate this building from all of the other major ports I... Continue Reading →

Going Away…

When I leave town for two or three days my preparation depends on two factors: How am I going (by car versus by air or train), and what will I be doing (business versus pleasure).  My usual MO is to pack two bags: Clothes and sundries in one, electronics (photography and computers) in another.  Depending... Continue Reading →

Mitch… Disconnected

So you are one of the world’s most hyper-connected individuals, known for having the Internet at your disposal 24/7.  You are scheduled to work with a customer overseas on their connected system via live link, and you have dozens of other things that you usually do / plan to do / want to do during... Continue Reading →

Gone for Walkabout…

One of my very good friends, Erdal Ozkaya, picked me up Sunday morning for an incredible day in and around Sydney.  He and his family took me to two very famous beaches – Manly Beach (where Erdal’s son and I practiced our Taekwondo) and Bondi Beach.  They took me to a place called Woolloomooroo (which... Continue Reading →

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